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Memorial Hospital of Converse County is home to one of the most advanced radiology departments in Wyoming. Memorial Hospital has been a pioneer in healthcare, and the state-of-the-art radiology department is no exception. Memorial Hospital was the 1st in the Rocky Mountain Region to offer 3-D automated breast ultrasound. The department offers nuclear medicine, 320-slice CT, ultrasound, and full-field digital mammography. The department's SPECT-CT was only the 2nd instrument of its type in all of Wyoming, and recent renovations to the department including private breast ultrasound rooms, updated changing rooms, a new registration and waiting area, and comforting decor throughout.

Board-certified radiologists Dennis Yutani and Doug White head up Memorial Hospital's radiology department. As a full-time, onsite radiologist, Dr. Yutani ensures all scans are correctly read in a timely manner, getting the appropriate care to our patients as soon as possible. Investments in specialized equipment and staff create the most comprehensive radiology department in east-central Wyoming.

Nuclear medicine

Memorial Hospital uses the Siemens Symbia T-6 SPECT-CT. This cutting edge technology incorporates a nuclear medicine gamma camera with a CT unit, enabling fusion imaging. In the past, imaging modalities have provided either great anatomical detail (CT imaging), or molecular or functional information (nuclear medicine imaging).

With the advent of the SPECT-CT technology, the best of CT's great anatomical detail capabilities are fused with nuclear medicine's unique ability to assess the functional abilities of various organs in a single examination thus improving diagnostic interpretation confidence. The SPECT-CT unit can also perform CT-only examinations, adding a 2nd CT unit to the radiology department.

Computed tomography: Computed tomography (CT)

Memorial Hospital currently uses the Toshiba Aquilion ONETM 320-slice CT unit that has the ability to scan an entire organ in one single pass and produce 4-D videos showing organ's structure, movement and blood flow. The quick scanning and accuracy of this system means that unnecessary tests can be eliminated, diagnoses times will be faster, and patient radiation doses can be decreased by half.

Full-field digital mammography

Memorial Hospital currently incorporates Siemen's Mammomat Nova 3000 to conduct their full-filled digital mammography studies. The Nova 3000 uses Fujifilm's CRm and provides patients with high-quality digital images by using flex compression plates that self adjust to breast shape and thickness, all the while providing added comfort for the patient.

Breast ultrasound

3-D breast ultrasound is provided through the use of U-System's automated breast ultrasound scanner. The scanner is especially useful in the evaluation of dense breast tissue and is considered to be the gold standard in mammograms. The scanner produces high-quality digital ultrasound images which Dr. Yutani can use to perform virtual scans well after the test has been completed. The large, automated imaging surface provides a more uniform and consistent image, making annual studies easy to compare. Combined with our full-field digital mammography studies, Memorial Hospital provides the most comprehensive breast care in the area.


Memorial Hospital uses 1 of 2 Phillips IU22 ultrasound units to complete ultrasound studies in newly renovated ultrasound suites. The IU22 creates incredibly detailed images using 3-D and 4-D technology. Image planes not previously viewable can provide extraordinary images of babies in utero. The IU22 is also used to conduct breast, vascular, abdominal and small-part studies as well as adult echocardiograms.